Yellowstone Road Trip Success Tips


Packing up the car for a road trip? Taking a road trip with the family or with a group of friends to Yellowstone National Park is an unforgettable experience. As America’s first national park, this area is an amazing road trip destination. The sweeping vistas, rugged mountains, calm lakes, and world-famous geysers and hot springs make Yellowstone a great destination for people of all ages.

Being prepared with the essentials you’ll need in Yellowstone can save you time and money. Take the time to pack your car with these things before you start your road trip. Some items, such as bear spray, can be purchased or even rented while at the park.

Road Trip Essentials to Take to Yellowstone

  1. Keep plenty of water bottles in the car (keep at least 0.5 gallons to 1 gallon of water per person per day in the car, since many stops and picnic areas around Yellowstone don’t have drinking water)
  2. Jacket or coat, depending on seasonal needs (even if it’s summertime, grab a light jacket or hoodie and keep it in the car since the weather changes frequently, and morning and evening temperatures are cold even in summertime)
  3. Sunglasses (will protect your eyes from sunburn and can prevent headaches and eye strain)
  4. Some of your favorite drinks and beverages (whether that’s Diet Dr. Pepper or juice boxes for the kids, just make sure you have your favorites because they won’t be available everywhere you go)
  5. Cooler (if you’re exploring the more remote areas of the park, or if you’re hiking, you will also want to pack a lunch since there may not be food available near the trailhead)
  6. Binoculars (for wildlife viewing at proper and safe distances, stay 100 yards away from wolves and bears, and 25 yards away from other wildlife
  7. Snacks (since there won’t be a store on every corner while you’re driving around Yellowstone)
  8. Hat and sunscreen (remember that it’s easier to get sunburned when you’re in the car all day and at high altitudes)
  9. First aid kit (cuts and scrapes can happen, so be prepared with band aides and antiseptic wipes)
  10. Electronics, headphones, books, tablets, and other entertainment for the car ride to Yellowstone
  11. Neck pillow (so you and your traveling companions can nap comfortably between stops)
  12. Bear bell (if you are doing any backcountry hiking, wearing a bell on your backpack can alert bears to your presence and deter them)
  13. Ponchos or rain jackets (in case of sudden rain storm)
  14. Backpack to carry essentials for short hikes and excursions away from the car (such as water, a mini first aid kit, and snacks while you’re walking around the boardwalks or on a hike)
  15. Bring a blanket (in case travelers want to take a nap in the car or in case of a sudden drop in temperature, which happens often in Yellowstone)

The best way to explore Yellowstone National Park is by car. It is the perfect road trip for a family adventure or a weekend with friends. The varied scenery, the dramatic geysers, and the relaxing mountain air make for a fun getaway. The Nearby town of West Yellowstone offers great lodging and a variety of dining and entertainment options. You can find affordable lodging in West Yellowstone at Brandin Iron.

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