First Time Guide to Visiting Yellowstone

Taking a first trip to Yellowstone National Park? You’re not alone! Yellowstone’s famous geysers, hot springs, lakes, forested trails, and dramatic canyons entice over 4 million visitors a year.

We designed this handy downloadable guide to Yellowstone National Park just for you! Learn more about the park’s most popular attractions, informative guided tours, and West Yellowstone’s must-see locations.

Click the image below to download our “First time Guide to Visiting Yellowstone” in PDF format:

First Time Guide to Visiting Yellowstone

Can’t miss hot spots in Yellowstone

First Time Guide to Visiting Yellowstone

Plan on spending at least three days in Yellowstone to explore the area’s top attractions. Favorite activities in Yellowstone include watching Old Faithful erupt, boating and fishing on Yellowstone Lake, hiking up to waterfalls, and exploring geothermal features. Yellowstone also has the highest concentration of wildlife in the United States, so be prepared for bison, elk, deer, eagles, and other wildlife sightings.

Best activities and adventures

First Time Guide to Visiting Yellowstone

But that’s not all the Yellowstone area has to offer: there are zipline tours in West Yellowstone, stagecoach rides, horseback riding, snowmobile tours, river rafting expeditions, and chuck wagon cowboy dinners. And after you’re all tired out, you can unwind in West Yellowstone at a giant movie theater, an indoor shooting range, bars, and live theater performances. On the way home, take a day to explore the Grand Tetons and do some outlet shopping in Jackson Hole.

This free guide shows you the best of Yellowstone’s varied attractions you won’t want to miss on your trip to Yellowstone. It also includes a dining and lodging guide.

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